Starry skies and scenery steal the show in Milky Way photo competition

May 31, 2023
Our gorgeous galaxy is again the focus of an astrophotography collection. Travel photography blog Capture the Atlas has published its Milky Way Photographer of the Year gallery for 2023, including some astonishing shots of the starriest of night skies.

Genetic study reveals why Scottish woman feels no pain, heals faster

May 30, 2023
Scottish woman Jo Cameron is a medical marvel who feels little pain, fear or anxiety, and had faster wound healing, thanks to a specific gene mutation. Now, scientists have studied why in more detail, in the hopes of unlocking future drug targets.

Bizarre 460-foot "battery tanker" set to ship electrons by 2026

May 30, 2023
Japanese company PowerX is moving ahead with its strange plan to build a "mobile power station" in the form of a 140-meter (460-ft) electric "battery tanker," which will carry 241 megawatt-hours of renewable energy across the sea over short distances.

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