First sleep apnea drug also boosts weight loss and heart health

June 24, 2024
An existing drug has significantly improved the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea – so much so that many trial participants stopped using CPAP machines. It stands to be the first therapeutic to effectively treat the condition, which affects millions.

Autism added to growing list of things we’ve inherited from Neanderthals

June 23, 2024
Since Neanderthals' whole genome was sequenced, there’s been growing interest in how their genetics influences our health. New research has found that genetic variations derived from our ancient relatives are associated with an increased susceptibility to autism.

Pop-up camper cube might be the smartest family RV money can buy

June 22, 2024
With the new Capax camping trailer, Exodus harnesses today's tech toward automating and improving the base camp experience for the digital generation. It packs in smart home-like automation, instant electric setup and satellite connectivity.

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