There will be a remote-control car race on the Moon in 2021. Seriously.

November 29, 2020
An extremely odd project is planning to hold a remote-controlled car race next October ... On the surface of the Moon. What's more, the two racecars will be partially designed by high school kids, and McLaren P1 designer Frank Stephenson is involved.

Gut microbiome linked to poor sleep via metabolite production

November 29, 2020
A new study out of Japan’s University of Tsukuba is shining yet more light on the relationship between the gut microbiome and sleep, describing how depleted diversity of the bacteria can disrupt sleep/wake cycles in mice.

Kawasaki shows its fascinating hybrid motorcycle prototype on the dyno

November 29, 2020
Hybrid dual-powertrain motorcycles can't possibly work ... Or can they? Kawasaki has thrown its considerable resources behind the problem, and has now released video footage of a very tidy-looking hybrid prototype on a dyno.

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