First vaccine to target deadly fungal infections passes preclinical tests

January 31, 2023
A new vaccine targeting the three most common human fungal infections is showing promising results in early preclinical studies. The data paves the way for future human trials in the hopes of preventing infections linked to over one million deaths a year.

Dodo next in line for de-extinction by scientists reviving the mammoth

January 31, 2023
Not content with the woolly mammoth and the thylacine, Colossal Biosciences has now announced the third animal on its de-extinction list – the dodo. The company has received new funding, and provided an update on its scientific progress so far.

Pelican Cargo unveiled as world's largest autonomous electric cargo plane

January 31, 2023
Back in 2020, California-based startup Pyka launched an autonomous electric crop duster called the Pelican. Now the company has developed a cargo-carrying version that's billed as the world's largest autonomous electric cargo airplane.

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