Gordon Murray finally launches his wildly innovative T.50 masterpiece

August 04, 2020
The supercar of the year – perhaps indeed the decade, early though it is – has finally fully launched, and we've now got a trove of images of the first car that Formula One/McLaren F1 design genius Gordon Murray says he's truly 100 percent happy with.

Watch SpaceX's shimmering Starship prototype fly to 500 feet

August 04, 2020
Development of SpaceX's Starship spacecraft that is hoped to carry humans to Mars continues at the company’s Boca Chica site in Texas, where the team just performed a 150-meter (500-ft) hop test of a full-size prototype.

Canada grants first legal exemptions for psilocybin use in 50 years

August 04, 2020
Four terminally ill cancer patients in Canada have been granted a special exemption to legally possess and consume psilocybin. They are the first in the country, outside a clinical trial, allowed to do so since the psychedelic was made illegal in 1974.

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