SmartHat may be the Swiss Army knife of safety helmets

December 01, 2023
On modern worksites, workers are typically required to carry – or even wear – quite a few electronic devices. The SmartHat is designed to make things easier, by packing a head-load of gadgets into a single safety helmet.

Titanium to super steel: The most interesting multitools of 2023

December 01, 2023
Multitools have always been a popular topic, and that didn't change in 2023. It was a pivotal year for multitool design, seeing the birth of what Leatherman calls its best ever. See what other multitools captured the imagination in 2023.

Inflatable Basecamper turns Tesla Cybertruck into boundless micro-RV

December 01, 2023
The Tesla Cybertruck is finally official, and now there's the very first camper to go with it. The self-contained Tesla x Heimplanet Basecamper stays out of the way when driving and inflates into a cozy, convenient camping space on arrival.

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