RIBA celebrates architectural excellence from around the globe

July 26, 2021
The Royal Institute of British Architects has announced the winning projects of its 2021 International Awards for Excellence. Consisting of 16 buildings from around the world, each one displays a commitment to superb design.

Disruptive iron-air grid-scale battery is 10% the cost of lithium

July 26, 2021
Boston's Form Energy says its iron-air batteries store up to 100 hours' worth of energy at a tenth the cost of a lithium battery farm. They could make a huge contribution to long-term storage as the world makes its transition toward renewable energy.

Rizer tilts your bike to make stationary cycling more realistic

July 26, 2021
When using an interactive cycling program, the rider's real-life bike usually just sits flat, regardless of changes in the onscreen terrain. The Rizer, however, tilts the bicycle up and down to match the program's hills and valleys.

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