Japan to build NASA a Moon camper van you can drive without spacesuits

April 14, 2024
When NASA returns to the Moon, its astronauts will enjoy tooling around in a pressurized camper van courtesy of JAXA and Toyota. The two-person vehicle is part of a US/Japan agreement that includes putting the first Japanese astronauts on the Moon.

Movement at the top in 2024 World University Rankings

April 13, 2024
The 2024 QS World University Rankings were released this week, and with three new key metrics added to the scoring process, several universities have rocketed to the international forefront, while traditional icons are being pushed below the fold.

Ranking Apple TV+ sci-fi shows: From 'Severance' to 'For All Mankind'

April 12, 2024
Apple TV+ has clearly invested in top-shelf science fiction as a defining pillar of its offering – and overall, it's put together an impressive slate. From outright successes to grand artistic swing 'n' misses, here's our ranking, worst to best.

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