$4200 Gatling Battlestation: Work in a multi-screen zero-gravity sphere

May 19, 2024
There's a revolution in workstation design going on and Cluven's $4200 J20 Gatling Battlestation is just one example of the many outrageous new DESK V2.0 workstations beginning to make work more efficient for knowledge warriors.

Surf's up in the Saudi desert: Huge water park joins Qiddiya giga-project

May 19, 2024
If you were to think up practical places to locate a water park, the Saudi Arabian desert probably wouldn't be high on the list. However, the Aquarabia project is set to create waterslides, water-based activities, and Saudi's first inland surf park.

NASA video: Solar storms are as impressive as the auroras they caused

May 17, 2024
While millions of people who couldn't normally see the aurora took in the recent color-filled spectacle in the night sky, NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory was looking straight at the sun to catch the action. The fiery footage is well worth a watch.

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