Plan to cable Australian sunshine to Singapore gets green light

July 17, 2024
The world's largest renewable energy and transmission project has received key approval from government officials. The Australia-Asia Power Link project will send Australian solar power to Singapore via 4,300 kilometer-long undersea cables.

First Titanic dive since Titan disaster launches this month

July 17, 2024
The first expedition to the Titanic since last year's Titan submersible disaster that killed five people is on its way. The goal is to make the most detailed imaging survey yet of the historic wreck to ascertain how the sea environment is affecting it.

World's first dual-tower solar thermal plant boosts efficiency by 24%

July 17, 2024
Two 650-foot-tall towers have risen in China's Gansu Province. Combined with an array of 30,000 mirrors arranged in concentric circles, the new facility is expected to generate over 1.8 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity every year.

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