High levels of Parkinson’s drug levodopa found in natural supplements

August 10, 2022
New research reports some natural supplements contain high levels of levodopa, used in drug treatments for Parkinson’s disease. The research found levels of levodopa in some supplements can be higher than what's found in common pharmaceutical formulations.

New Lyme disease vaccine targets decades of anti-vax misinformation

August 10, 2022
A new Lyme disease vaccine is about to enter its final phase of human trialling. If all goes well it could be available by 2025, making it the first vaccine for Lyme disease to reach the market in nearly a quarter of a century.

New antibiotic molecule kills dozens of the toughest types of superbugs

August 10, 2022
Bacteria are fast developing resistance to our best drugs, leaving us poised on the edge of a major health crisis. But a new antibiotic has shown promise against several key “superbugs,” while minimizing damage against good bacteria in the body.

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