Morphable VW pop-top RV erases divide between camper van and motorhome

July 01, 2022
Knaus has emptied the tricks out of both sleeves in its latest attempt to change the RV game. Its new VW T6.1-based Tourer CUV sizes shorter than many camper vans but lives like a Class B+ motorhome thanks to a pop-up roof and expandable dry bathroom.

Baldness discovery paints molecule as potent stimulator of new hair growth

June 30, 2022
Scientists probing the intricate machinery behind hair growth have uncovered a previously unknown role for a signaling molecule, whose messages were found to be critical to new growth and could be leveraged to address hair loss in humans.

Minimalist mid-drive city ebike rolls with carbon fiber and Bosch power

July 01, 2022
UK mobility startup Evari is heading to Eurobike in Frankfurt, Germany, later this month with a smooth-looking premium ride called the 856, an ebike rocking a monocoque carbon fiber frame, a Bosch Performance Line drive and titanium components.

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