Video reveals progress of 170-km-long skyscraper through Saudi desert

February 27, 2024
A video has been released that reveals the build progress of Saudi Arabia's 170-km-long city sized skyscraper rising in the desert. The scale is incredibly ambitious and The Line is expected to be home to around 9 million people once complete.

Metal scar found on world-destroying star after its reign of terror

February 26, 2024
In a few billion years, the Sun will destroy the solar system’s inner planets – and if it’s lucky, it might get a big cool scar to brag about. That’s what happened to a newly found white dwarf, which appears to have a bizarre metal scar on its surface.

First synthetic protein motor creates its own fuel as it 'mows'

February 27, 2024
The body uses protein-based molecular motors to perform functions essential to life. Now, researchers have created ‘The Lawnmower,’ the first synthetic motor that propels itself by harnessing the energy it creates as it cuts through fields of proteins.

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