Large US study affirms men more vulnerable to COVID-19 than women

January 17, 2021
A new study has affirmed men seem much more vulnerable to COVID-19 than women. The study found men, independent of age, are more likely to contract the virus, suffer from severe complications, and die from the disease compared to women.

Small, slick French camper van is the bivy of van life

January 15, 2021
The term "bivy" (or bivouac) immediately inspires images of very basic camping. French company Bivy Life lives up to that image by creating a small, efficient "mobile base camp" that's much simpler than other camper vans and motorhomes out there.

Snoek may just be the fastest velomobile you can buy

January 15, 2021
Although velomobiles are known for being faster than bicycles, some of the more "practical" models can be rather ungainly. That doesn't apply to the Snoek, though, which is built first and foremost for speed.

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