Offtrax camper trailer packs base camp (with bathroom!) in a box

October 22, 2020
The latest ultra-rugged Australian camper trailer, the Offtrax trailer, tows to camp as a simple, compact box. Upon arrival, it slides, rises and drops into a complete base camp for two people, with outdoor wet bathroom and two grills.

High-in-the-sky snaps from the 2020 Aerial Photography Awards

October 22, 2020
In its inaugural year, the Aerial Photography Awards has delivered an exciting assortment of shots celebrating all kinds of high-flying imagery, from surreal landscapes snapped from helicopters to sublime drone-captured cityscapes.

Skin test for Parkinson's shows high accuracy in early trial

October 22, 2020
We are seeing some exciting research advances that could help reveal Parkinson's in its ealy stages. Scientists have now produced another by demonstrating how a skin biopsy can be used to identify the disease with a high degree of accuracy.

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