Major obesity advance takes out targeted fat depots anywhere in the body

December 01, 2022
Scientists at Columbia University are reporting an exciting advance in obesity treatment, demonstrating how positively-charged nanomaterials can be injected into unhealthy fat to return it to a healthy state.

Flash of light as bright as a quadrillion Suns dazzles astronomers

December 01, 2022
Astronomers have spotted an incredibly bright flash of light beaming halfway across the universe. The strange light was estimated to throw off more light than one quadrillion Suns, and in an ironic twist came from one of the darkest objects possible.

Awful video celebrates Archer's first full-transition eVTOL flight

December 01, 2022
There are very few full-size aircraft capable of transitioning between vertical takeoff and landing and wing-borne horizontal cruise flight, so it's a big deal when a company manages the feat, as Archer has now claimed. But the video is a shocker.

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