Recycled plastic bottles and mud help form remarkable twisting residence

March 21, 2023
Likened to a snake coiling under a rock on a hot day, the Chuzhi house is defined by its intricate twisting roof. The ambitious residence was constructed using sustainable building techniques, including the use of 4,000 recycled plastic bottles.

Valoi easy35 sticks a negative-to-digital transfer box on existing lenses

March 21, 2023
While it is possible to convert film negatives to digital image files using a DSLR, doing so can be a rather fiddly process. The Valoi easy35 is designed to make the task much simpler, as it gets mounted directly onto a camera's macro lens.

Day procedure to slow progression of diabetes headed to clinical trial

March 21, 2023
A phase 2 clinical trial is currently exploring a new technique to slow the progression of type 2 diabetes. The simple outpatient surgery can be conducted in the early stages of diagnosis and delay the need for insulin shots.

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